Petersen 'Blue Train' Special


A faithful reproduction of the Gurney-Nutting coupe formerly known as the 'Blue Train' Car, fitted with beige Connolly leather, Wilton carpet and bur elm.


This car has been used by Bentley Motors Europe in 2004, displayed alongside theit new Bentley Continental GT at numerous shows across Europe.


The car also won the prestigious Peoples Choice award at the European Concours d'Elegance show Schwetzingen in Germany, possibly the biggest Concours event in the world other than Pebble Beach, California.

With its flamboyant bodywork and many unique features fitted both internally and externally this 6.5 litre Supercharged Bentley Special is a 'one off' and very unique.


Finished in a Dark Blue with two tones of grey Connolly leather, dark blue Wilton carpet interior with mother of pearl and silver inlayed walnut trim, a very exquisite car.


We have built five of these stunning cars based on the famous Barnato car which reputedly raced the ‘Blue Train’ across France. All five were built with very individual styling to the interior, with one a supercharged version to add even more ‘spice’ to the mix.


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