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Petersen 4.5 Litre Blower

The Petersen 4.5 litre Blower is an authentic recreation of the charismatic 'blowers' developed for racing by Sir Henry Birkin and his team in the late 1920s.


Acceleration and performance at speed are breathtaking. With the powerful whine of the supercharger to complement the raucous exhaust, a stunning 'entrance' to any event is guaranteed.




Built using a genuine 1930's Bentley as the basis. New crossmembers, suspension mounts, etc., are then fitted to accommodate the new engine and supercharger. The 1930's Bentley 126" wheelbase. Original registration number and documents.




4.5 litre Bentley 'R' - Type, 6 cylinder fully rebuilt and 'blue printed' modified to drive supercharger. Fitted with our own design of camshafts, pistons, flywheel, crankshaft and Petersen heavy duty clutch.




Our superchargers are specially built by us and look very similar to the Amherst Villiers unit used by the Birkin racing team.




In excess of 235 B.H.P.





Modified Mk VI/'R'-Type Bentley





Modified Bentley front. Rear axle is a high ratio unit fitted with limited slip differential.




Twin circuit power servo




700x19" or 700x21"




Vanden Plas Le Mans style. Ash frame, aluminium skin, fabric covered. Green Wilton carpet and Connolly leather upholstery. Black double duck hood and tonneau cover. Fitted toolbox.




Machine-turned aluminium fitted with large aircraft-type instruments made specially for us to the Birkin team car pattern. Period illumination.




4.5 litre Blower type with heavy duty aluminium high flow core.

Petersen Blower Bentley

All components which are not new and are used in our cars are completely reconditioned to the highest standards.


Many of the fittings are made by us: filler caps, stone guards, footplates, fuel tanks, radiators, wheels, hubs, superchargers, bodies, trim, dashboards as well as many other smaller parts.


These are supplied regularly to Bentley Owners for their cars and we believe set the standard.


All specifications quoted are subject to availability of donor chassis and power units, as well as changes in road and traffic regulations.

Petersen Blower Bentley
Petersen Blower Bentley
Petersen Blower Bentley
Petersen Blower Bentley
Petersen Blower Bentley
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