Petersen Speed Six

Petersen Speed Six



This eminently driveable recreation of W.O. Bentley's legendary six-cylinder, 6.5-litre Le Mans Speed Six is blessed with the advantage of hindsight projected onto the original design specifications, enabling us to produce what many of our satisfied customers have called their ultimate driving experience.



CHASSIS:             Built using a genuine 1930's Bentley as the basis.


ENGINE:               Bentley 4.5-litre 6-cylinder or Rolls Royce 6.5-litre 8-                               cylinder engine fully rebuilt, dynamically balanced.


POWER OUTPUT: 185 B.H.P. and 255 B.H.P.


GEARBOX:           Modified Mk VI/R-Type gearbox


RADIATOR:          Speed Six radiator complete with new box and                                       core with 365mm mechanical fan.


AXLES:                 Modified Bentley front. Rear axle is high ratio unit                                 fitted with limited slip differential.


BRAKES:              Twin circuit power servo.


FUEL TANK:        Gran Touring fuel tank with fittings, approx 100 litres                              or 130 litres.


BODY:                 Vanden Plas Le Mans style. (English) ash framed,                                    aluminium skin, fabric covered. The interior is fitted                                out with the best quality green Wilton carpet and                                    Connolly leather upholstery. Black double duck hood                              and tonneau cover. Fitted toolbox.


DASHBOARD:     Machine-turned aluminium with black Jaeger type                                  aircraft-type instruments and period illumination.


WHEELS & TYRES: 19" or 21" (according to engine size and subsequent                                chassis length).


HEADLAMPS:      Lucas P100 with stone guards


EXHAUST:           Stainless steel exhaust with optional fishtail.

By applying modern engineering to a basis of genuine 1930’s Bentley components, the Petersen Speed Six can cope easily with modern traffic conditions.


Beneath the vintage Bentley exterior, reproduced to original specifications using either a 4.5-litre 6-cylinder, or a 6.5-litre 8-cylinder engine. Both engines are discretely fitted with electronic ignition combined with 4 speed synchromesh gearbox and high ratio rear axle for improved performance and reliability.


The result is an amazingly steady car with high torque at low revs.

COVID-19: Notice to all of our customers booked in for our Goodwood track day in June. As government restrictions due to COVID-19 prevents foreign travel we have postponed our track day at Goodwood until 2022. All those who booked and paid for track and hotel for this year will carry their booking forward to 2022, please do contact us with any queries regarding this. Sorry for any inconvenience caused but we would love our international customers to be able to join us all once restrictions have been lifted. 


Featured are all examples of our work. All our cars are built to order for our customers to their own specifications and ideas.


We very rarely have our cars for re-sale - if we do we have information on our For Sale page. Please email if you require any more details about having a car built or parts we supply.


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