Unique Coachbuilt Cars

We pride ourselves of our ability to build 'one off' creations to customers specifications and ideas.


If you have a design or have seen a style you like then we would be happy to discuss this with you and help to create a car which is unique and special for you.


We can build using Pre-war Bentley or Rolls Royce or MKVI Bentley and W.O Bentley Cricklewood cars.

Petersen Phantom II


Unique one-off design by ourselves.


Fitted to a 1933 Phantom II Rolls Royce which was lowered to accomodate the new low open four seater tourer body.

Petersen 'Trossi'


One-off design based on Bentley and Mercedes tourers of the thirties.


1936 Derby Bentley fitted with 6.5 Litre Rolls Royce engine and high ratio rear axle, with a Bentley 4 speed gearbox.

Petersen Brooklands Racer

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Petersen Engineering


Featured are all examples of our work. All our cars are built to order for our customers to their own specifications and ideas.


We very rarely have our cars for re-sale - if we do we have information on our For Sale page. Please email if you require any more details about having a car built or parts we supply.


Builders of the:
PETERSEN 4.5 litre Blower 
PETERSEN Speed Six 4.9 litre 
PETERSEN Speed Eight 6.5 litre 

PETERSEN 4.9 litre Blower Road Racer
PETERSEN 27 Litre Meteor
PETERSEN Boat Tail and Bob Tail 
PETERSEN 'Dartmoor' Coupe
PETERSEN Paulin Coupe










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