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Based in a small village in the heart of rural Devon, in southwest England, Petersen Engineering has forged a name for itself at home and abroad. Here vintage Bentley motor cars are restored, rebuilt and recreated


We have now been established for 30 years with more than 90 Petersen cars completed for customers.


Many replacement parts are manufactured on the premises for Bentley owners throughout the world, as well as the steady stream of hand-made components which end up on original Bentleys and the increasingly well-known and sought-after unique coach built Petersen cars. 

"Bob Petersen continues to produce beautifully finished Specials using best quality materials for a classic exterior that is second to none. The use of modern technology where necessary for compatibility with modern traffic is a logical progression that my godfather, W.O. Bentley would certainly have approved of."



Petersen Unique Coach built Cars

The unique coach built Petersen cars are classic using period parts and built to authentic coachwork patterns and dimensions on a genuine 1930’s Bentley.


They are therefore not 'original' in the strictest sense of the word, but then how many so-called original cars are? 



"One of the most outstanding cars we have had the privilege of featuring. a statement on wheels... and for such sophisticated engineering and high standard of workmanship, one would expect to have to pay a much higher price for it too!" 



COVID-19: Notice to all of our customers booked in for our Goodwood track day in June. As government restrictions due to COVID-19 prevents foreign travel we have postponed our track day at Goodwood until 2022. All those who booked and paid for track and hotel for this year will carry their booking forward to 2022, please do contact us with any queries regarding this. Sorry for any inconvenience caused but we would love our international customers to be able to join us all once restrictions have been lifted. 


Featured are all examples of our work. All our cars are built to order for our customers to their own specifications and ideas.


We very rarely have our cars for re-sale - if we do we have information on our For Sale page. Please email if you require any more details about having a car built or parts we supply.


Builders of the:
PETERSEN 4.5 litre Blower 
PETERSEN Speed Six 4.9 litre 
PETERSEN Speed Eight 6.5 litre 

PETERSEN 4.9 litre Blower Road Racer
PETERSEN 27 Litre Meteor
PETERSEN Boat Tail and Bob Tail 
PETERSEN 'Dartmoor' Coupe
PETERSEN Paulin Coupe










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Bob Petersen

Tel: 00 44 (0)1409 221749 




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